Health & Wellness Resources

Health & Wellness Resources

Moving forward: A Women’s Program forContinued Healing after Breast Cancer Treatment is Done

A ten-night wellness workshop for survivors of breast cancer hosted by Dr. Tenney.


Lawrence General Stay Well Knowledge Base

The Stay Well Knowledge Base from Lawrence General Hospital is a free and comprehensive resource for health and wellness. is an excellent, free resource for for health information with no commercial bias.


Tick Bites

A great overview of ticks and tick bites as well as information on removal, self-care and Lyme disease monitoring can be found here.


Nature Trails

So much good can be done for your health and personal wellbeing by just getting outside. A large focus of our practice is encouraging outdoor activity and taking the stigma of a gym membership or a treadmill away from the word “exercise.” A workout can happen any time, whether it’s a round of golf, a walk down the street or just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Andover has a huge offering of free, public walking trails both with AVIS and the Andover Trails Committee. A comprehensive (and, in the case of AVIS, interactive) map of all of these trails can be found at the following websites.

Andover Trails Committee



Assess Your Well-Being

The University Minnesota has a fantastic website devoted entirely to personal health and wellness, including individual resources specifically for personal wellness regarding general health, relationships, security, purpose, community and environment. They also offer free, publicly accessible  information on over 40 different methods of personal healing practice.

The main website can be found here, and they also offer a free, personalized assessment of your overall well-being.


Food for Healthy Bones

An online dietary guide for optimizing your bone health by holistic bone coach Irma Jennings.


EWG’s 2015 Guide to Sunscreens

Suncreen safety ratings that help you make the right purchase.


Experience Soothing Breath Work

“The Lyman Center’s mission is to support and guide the authentic integration of holism into conventional health care.”

Website: The Lyman Center


Framingham Heart Study

Calculate your risk of developing diabestes here and go to the risk score calculator.

Calculate your 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease here.

Calculate your 30-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease here.

Calculate your risk of developing hypertension in the next 4 years here.

Caculate your risk of developing a heart attack or dying of heart disease here.

Calculate your 10-year risk of having a heart attack here.

If you have already had angina or a heart attack, calculate your 4 year risk of a second event here.


Additional Wellness Resources:

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM)

CMBM Resources on Self-Care

In-Depth Patient Education Reports

In-Depth Patient Education Reports