Insurance Information

If you have changed your insurance, please be sure to give us a front and back copy of your new insurance card (via mail, fax, RelayHealth or in person).



Shawsheen Medical Associates, PC contracts with several health maintenance organization (HMO)(see below). We also accept numerous other insurances including, but not limited to, many Blue Cross plans, Medicare and United Healthcare. Insurance company affiliations change constantly. Please remember to bring your insurance card with you to every visit to avoid unnecessary delays when checking in. Because we accept so many plans, patients are responsible to know the specifics of their own coverage. If you have any questions as to whether we accept your insurance, please call our patient billing office at (978) 475-0916.


HMO Affiliations:

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

HMO Blue

Tufts Health Plans

Fallon Community Health Plan

Aetna US Healthcare



If you have one of the above-mentioned HMOs and choose SMA as your primary care group, we must provide all of your primary care. If you are in need of specialty care not available at SMA, your primary care physician must issue a referral, which must then be approved by our Benefits Committee. Any care provided without a referral will become your financial responsibility except emergency care or out of area urgent care. If you are referred to a specialist who orders additional test or labs, your primary care must also approve these. Patient service representatives are available to answer your managed care questions and to facilitate all your managed care needs.