How to Refill Prescriptions

When you need to refill your prescription, you have 3 options:

  1. Use Relayhealth to request the refill electronically
  2. Contact us by Phone
  3. Contact your pharmacy to have them send us a request

REQUESTS MADE NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS ARE NOT RECEIVED UNTIL THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY. In order to provide the highest clinical care, we review your medical record to determine if you need a follow up appointment, updated labs or a medication adjustment before we refill your medication to your pharmacy.  If something more is required of you in order for us to safely refill your medication, you will be contacted.

Please contact us 3 business days BEFORE your prescription runs out. Informing us less than 3 days could cause you run out of medicines. Routine medication refills will not be addressed on the weekend. Some prescriptions require that you pick up a paper copy and hand carry it to the pharmacy, in which case you will be notified. Talk with your pharmacist or us at your next visit if you are not certain which medications must be hand-carried.

Our office hours are Monday-Wednesday and Friday 8-4, Thursday 8-12. (Please see summer hours, as they do change).

Please have the following information readily available:

  1. Name, DOB
  2. Name of medication
  3. Name of the pharmacy
  4. 30 or 90 day supply